Portable Worlds: New Photography by Eduardo Muñoz Ordoqui
November 19, 2004 - February 20, 2005
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Portable Worlds

“[...] I will put together, piece by piece, the perfect city, made of fragments mixed with the rest, of instants separated by intervals, of signals one sends out, not knowing who receives them. If I tell you that the city toward which my journey tends is discontinuous in space and time, now scattered, now more condensed, you must not believe that the search for it can stop.”

-Italo Calvino
Invisible Cities

The photographs from Portable Worlds narrate, in a concise and figurative manner, experiences similar to those of accounts of journeys. They rescue readings, houses, life experiences. They recall, without explicit reference or prioritized order, the same land incursions as shipwrecks. With an indistinctly dramatic and ironic tone, they discover in these events how tenuous the dividing line between what is necessary and what is superfluous, between baggage and burden, is.

From a technical standpoint, the images are multiple exposures, scenes generally constructed in the studio. They are the result of a superimposition of slide film projections and objects. In these works, time seems suspended in a precarious equilibrium that, unlike previous series, contains more of the present and contingency than remembrance.

-Eduardo Muñoz Ordoqui


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