Cirenaica Moreira: Refrigerate After Opening
March 8 - 31, 2001
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Refrigerate After Opening

This exhibition has elements of my series entitled "Lobotomía" and "Metálica." These are a series of black and white photographs that I have been working on since 1996 until today.

"Refrigerate After Opening" is a pun inspired in the title of one of the pieces of the series "Metálica," where I combine self-portrait and metallic elements made by myself as well as other domestic appliances. The fact of being the main character in most of the images is very important to me due to my formation as an actress at the Faculty of Scenic Arts in the Institute Superior de Arte in Havana.

I do not provoke or seek the feminine but it is present in my work for I am a woman.

-Cirenaica Moreira

Dreamed Bodies

Cirenaica is not only the physical protagonist of her work but also the metaphor for those she dreams. Cirenaica has constructed a being that transcends her, she has converted her body into a place where all the women she is, gather together to knit and conspire. That duality has become destiny. The created characters have profiled her femininity in a way that fluctuates between the quiet knitter spinning thread who dreams and waits, and, at the same time, is being dreamed of and is exposed. And dreamed of in her delirium, she is diluted in the grace of the water. She is revealed in the silent violence of the light that burns and darkens when it falls directly, and is converted into sharpened metal that united with the dreamed bodies, cuts when they are caressed.

- Armando Suárez-Cobián

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